Lying for Success

“The only way to get ahead is lie, cheat, and put yourself before others. ” “Wow,” I thought.  I actually died a little inside as I heard these words spoken by a young professional woman who had come to a recent event that I had hosted. Our current political climate, stories of philandering leaders, the […]

Go for No

“Nah to the ah, to the No, No, No” Megan Trainor makes it clear in the song “No [Untouchable]” through her repeated “No’s” to her would be suitor that she isn’t interested. For those who don’t know the song and for those who must hear it now just click here! And to most people, hearing […]

Too Busy To Help

In March 2014, a social experiment was conducted Victoria Station shopping center in London where five-year-old Maya was ‘left alone’ to see if anyone would take a moment to help the obviously lost and alone girl.  In an hour, over 600 adults passed by her but only one stopped to help and that was after […]

Dealing with Challenging Coworkers – The Eyebrow Story

One of the great things about being a parent of four boys is the endless supply of material they provide.  As they’ve gotten older we’ve seen the supply of food products evaporate in transit from the grocery store to the pantry.  There are days I hear rumors that brownies were made, but by the time […]

What This Lost Dog Can Teach You About Work

Have you ever gotten that call on your cell phone where you don’t recognize the number?  I usually think it is either a wrong number or someone trying to sell me something, but as a parent there is always a worry that maybe it is someone I don’t know calling me about an emergency involving […]

Feed Your Soul at Work!

The other night I met a gentleman named Curt.  “Mind you that’s Curt with ‘C’,” he said as he reached across the table and took my hand.  I was having dinner with Curt and his lovely bride Jean, both of whom I was meeting for the very first time that evening.  I also met Jim […]

This Simple Change Will Transform Your Workday – Love Your Job Part 2!

I’m the occasional reader of Stephen King novels, not so much the horror genre, but books like Misery, The Stand, and a few years ago, Under the Dome.  I could only hope to be a fraction of the writer that King is, with more than 350 million copies of his book sold, he is in […]

The Real Reason Why Your Goals Aren’t Working!

A number of years back, in a fit of uncontrollable impatience during an event we now refer to simply as “The fence incident” I made the unwise decision to vault myself over the backward fence instead of using the gate which would, at least in my mind, take too much time.  Looking back, I’m still […]

How To Love Your Job – 2 Simple Science Secrets to Success!

Over the Christmas break, my oldest was home from college and the whole family was back together again.  For many years when the kids were younger, we strived to have dinner together almost every night.  But now that there are older, one is away to college, one has a job and another has frequent basketball […]