Being Authentic

“In the morning, after the rain, I headed for a rusting watchtower at the edge of the U.N. compound to see what water had done to the desert. Already frogs had emerged from subterranean slime chambers and filled the air with their calls, and in the trees starlings and doves with mad red eyes cooed […]

Go for No

“Nah to the ah, to the No, No, No” Megan Trainor makes it clear in the song “No [Untouchable]” through her repeated “No’s” to her would be suitor that she isn’t interested. For those who don’t know the song and for those who must hear it now just click here! And to most people, hearing […]

The Secret Behind The Midas Touch

How much money would you spend on a pair of earbuds? $25.00? $100.00? How about a pair that runs $14,995?!   There’s good news if you have that kind of money to spare. Beverly Hills artist Hugh Power runs the House of Gold and is dubbed the “real life Midas.” He can turn anything you […]

One Surefire Method to Create Lasting Relationships in your New Position

Starting a new position, especially if you are a new manager is exciting. Yet at the same time, you may feel anxiety and suffer from “Impostor Syndrome” – that self-doubt that comes along with new responsibility; the fear that maybe others will find you out. The key to moving through this period is forging strong […]