Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Some of of our more popular workshops and speaking engagements are listed below. However, if your particular needs are not listed here, please contact us!

Leverage your Non-Verbal Communication

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As a certified body language trainer, I can teach you not only how to read others, but how to maximize your own non-verbal skills.

You will learn to master  your people skills, create rapport, build trust, gain charisma and be the most memorable person in the room.

Be the Hero in your movie!

Create Your Executive Presence

It might be today or tomorrow or the next month, but it will happen.  In practically every company, a leader is sitting back in their chair and studying a list of names.

Your name may be on it.

A position of responsibility and opportunity is open, and the leader is faced with a problem – “Who will I hire? Who is the best?”

The faces, words, deeds and possibilities of various employees pass through their mind in quick review, and they realize once again how little an employer really knows about their hopes, their ambitions, their particular ability to handle more important work.  But they have to make a decision.

This is where executive presence makes all the difference, because in the sea of all of those names, one will always stand out – it is the person with vision, charisma, and the ability to inspire others who will get the call.

Be that person.

Create your executive presence.

Deliver Inspiring Presentations

Through a combination of power words, metaphorical storytelling, and nonverbal congruence, you can deliver a presentation that everyone will not only remember but be talking about for days.


Crush the Interview

By learning the skills behind rapport building, congruence, mirroring, the proper mental mindset, and a little bit of neuroscience, you will learn how to create a communication feedback loop that sets you apart from other candidates landing you the career and job you want.



Don’t See What You Need – Customize!

Nonverbal skills are foundational for success in many venues.

As such customized programs and workshops, such as closing the sale for your sales team, making effective pitches to VCs for entrepreneurs, and many others are available.

If you don’t see what you need here, please contact us –

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