The Power of Mirroring

This guest post is by Todd A. Fonseca, a twenty-year medical device executive, published author, columnist, international speaker and Science of People Certified Body Language Trainer specializing in developing leaders at all levels. You can follow him on Twitter and along with countless others, take advantage of the free content he offers on his website

In May of 2013, Malaysian Male Model Chee Yu Sam, also known as Sam Insanity , posted a YouTube video in response to a challenge Ellen Degeneres gave to her audience.


What was the challenge?

Ellen asked viewers to record themselves secretly mirroring others and then post their videos online.

Not one to shy away from the camera, Sam took to his hometown streets of Kuala Lumpur and snuck up behind or beside people and mirrored their actions while his buddy captured it all on camera. He sat next to a businessman who was having coffee and mirrored drinking one of his own even though he didn’t have a cup. He crawled on the ground below a girl sitting on the edge of a fountain and mirrored her checking out her cell phone. He blanketed the city capturing these and other moments and his final video, complete with a soundtrack consisting of ‘Paint my love’ by Michael Learns to Rock, is funny, which is exactly why Ellen put forth the challenge. But as Sam points out, people he mirrored didn’t always think so. In fact, a number of his victims looked like they wanted to beat him up!

Ellen’s original challenge:

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