Can You Spot A Liar Part 2 – Take the Test!

So in yesterday’s post we talked about how Richard Wiseman tested over 40,000 people to see how accurate they were at determining the veracity of Sir Richard Day’s stories.

We learned that there were significant differences between those who read, listened, or watched him tell these stories.

Today, you get your opportunity to see how good you are at telling truth from lies.

Use the information from Richard’s experiment to help guide you.  Maybe just listen, maybe just watch, or both. Do all and compare your answers before you choose your answer.

There are ten videos in all.  Choose carefully!

These ten subjects are from an experiment at the University of Chicago reported on by the New York Times.

Follow this link to take the test.  When you are done, complete the poll below and tell us how many you got correct!

How Many Did You Get Correct?


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