One Powerful Method For Connecting With Your Audience

Maybe you have heard of the hormone Oxytocin.  If not, it goes by a few other names – the “love” hormone or sometimes the “cuddle” hormone.  It is released when we feel emotionally or physically close to someone.

This usually happens as the result of touch, like a warm hug or holding hands.  But In The Oxytocin Factor, Dr. Kerstin Uväs-Moberg, believes that eye contact can bring about Oxytocins release as well.  If true, this would indicate the importance making good eye contact with those around us in order to build strong connections in our lives.

With respect to public speaking, eye contact can be a challenge for some speakers.  Where does one look while on stage?

One method is to employ the “Figure 8” pattern as shown by the diagram below.

Imagine you are on stage as shown by the microphone.  Pick a person in the front right as shown by the red “X” and make eye contact with them first then follow the figure 8 pattern to the middle, corner back and so on.  Make sure to “‘front” your body, that is align your torso with whoever it is you are making eye contact with, which will help you move about the stage in a purposeful manner as you move your gaze around.Figure 8 Eye Pattern

So make eye contact, use the figure 8 pattern, and build a strong connection with your audience.

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