Should You Fake It?

During the holiday break, my kids were home from school and our family dog, used to being mostly alone during the day, was now in the company of all of us for more than a week and his tail was wagging like crazy wondering who of the six of us would play with him or […]

The Secret Behind The Midas Touch

How much money would you spend on a pair of earbuds? $25.00? $100.00? How about a pair that runs $14,995?!   There’s good news if you have that kind of money to spare. Beverly Hills artist Hugh Power runs the House of Gold and is dubbed the “real life Midas.” He can turn anything you […]

The Power of Mirroring

This guest post is by Todd A. Fonseca, a twenty-year medical device executive, published author, columnist, international speaker and Science of People Certified Body Language Trainer specializing in developing leaders at all levels. You can follow him on Twitter and along with countless others, take advantage of the free content he offers on his website.  […]

Networking at Work vs. Kissing A**

Networking at Work vs. Kissing A** Recently I was discussing with a colleague the importance of developing and maintaining a network at work.  While she said she agreed, her body language said otherwise.  After a moment, she confided that others had told her that networking was just “kissing a**” [imagine bleep out tone here] and […]

Get More Done – Two Ways You Can Blast Through Procrastination!

Get More Done – Two Ways You Can Blast Through Procrastination As humans we have an amazing ability to separate ourselves from others, especially in uncomfortable or disturbing situations.  Take the homeless person on the street holding the “Need Money for Food” sign.  I’m betting on at least one occasion you distanced yourself from them, […]

2 Simple Actions to Create a Self-Sustaining Positive Culture

2 Simple Actions to Create a Self-Sustaining Positive Culture Creating a positive self-sustaining environment is not about special surveys, programs or big organizational events that take considerable time, effort, and expense.   In fact it is just the opposite. How do we know this? Let’s turn to an analog in the annals of big city […]

How To Ace An Interview (Part 1)

The First Impression and Setup There are research proven techniques to help maximize your first impression.  I will assume that the standard proper dress, grooming and research about the company/position have already been done or understood by you.  In this first section, I will focus on those subtle non-verbal actions that form a subconscious connection and […]